School Clubs

Extra Curricular Activities


To join one of our clubs, please contact our office. Most clubs are free, unless private company is mentioned, which will entail a small fee.

All free clubs are run voluntarily by our staff / parents / carers.

To join a ‘fee payable’ club, please either complete their dedicated flyer (available from the office), or meet the coach of that club, who will provide all of the appropriate information required.

Please note that ‘Club Slips’ are only required if a club takes place before or after school (they are not required for a lunch-time club).

At times clubs might be cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances (although, if prior notice is possible, we will endeavour to keep parents / carers / pupils informed). The white notice-board at the front of the school will indicate if a club is cancelled.

Thank you to all of the kind helpers / volunteers / staff etc. who kindly support our pupils with the great range of clubs available.