Governors Skills & Matrix Overview Dec 2019

Thornford School Governing Body as of October 2020

Binny Bennett (Foundation Governor)

Neela Brooking (Headteacher Governor)

Rev Anthony Gilbert (Foundation Governor, Chair)

Karen Frost Lewis (Staff Governor)

Marianne Mangham (Foundation Governor)

John Newman (Foundation Governor)

Jane Rogers (Co-opted Governor)

Kristine Mountain (Foundation Governor)

Katie McManus (Parent Governor)

The clerk to the governing body is Louise Heath and correspondence for the governing body can be sent to the school marked for her attention.

Register of Attendance at meetings for the Local Governing Body of Thornford School 2019 2020.docx

Summary of Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interest 2019-2020

What is the role of the governing body?

The governing body works closely with the staff, and is responsible for the overall strategic management and future direction of the school, and for monitoring progress. In particular, governors have the following responsibilities:

• They help set and monitor targets
• They make decisions about the school’s budget and staffing
• They make sure that a broad range of subjects is taught in compliance with legal requirements
• They ensure that the school provides for all pupils, including those with special needs
• They safeguard and promote the welfare of children
• They are a friend to the school, offering support and advice
What types of school governor are there?

At Thornford, there are 12 members of the governing body, who are drawn from the groups of people with an interest in the way the school works. They are:

• Seven foundation governors, one of whom is the principal Minister of the parish, and six of whom are appointed by the church
• One headteacher governor
• One other staff governor, elected by the staff
• Two parent governors, elected by parents at the school
• One co-opted governor, appointed by the governing body

How do you become a governor at Thornford?

If you are interested in becoming a school governor, please speak to the headteacher to find out if any vacancies exist. Parents can be considered for other categories as well as parent governors. Governors usually serve for a minimum of four years.

A Few Key Policies (please also see our Policies Page)

SAST Complaints Procedure 2020-23


Please contact the school office is you require a copy of the latest Governor Minutes.

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