Children living in the Parish of Thornford and Beer Hackett, known as Thornhackett, are in the catchment area of Thornford School.

The planned admission limit for our school each year is 15 pupils (this is called the PAN number).

Usually new pupils to our Reception Class need to apply by mid-January of the year you wish to apply (please visit the web-site for exact dates & details). We warmly welcome prospective parents to an ‘Open Day’ at the end of September to come and view our lovely village school. However, you are welcome to make an appointment during anytime within the Autumn Term by contacting our office.

Thornford School receives pupils into the reception class once a year, in September. The children very quickly ‘phase-in’ to full-time (if this is appropriate for your child).

Oversubscription arrangements – If our PAN number (15 pupils within each year group) or our stated class sizes (no more than 30 pupils within a KS1 class or 32 within each KS2 class) or our ‘Asset Management Plan’ safe number of pupils (105 on roll), is exceeded then the school will instruct the local authority to refuse a place at our school. Parents / carer have the right of ‘appeal’. This is a very simple process which involves the local authority (on behalf of Thornford Church School) and the parent / carer. In the first instance if a parent / carer is thinking of appealing please contact our ‘Sherborne Area Local Authority Admissions Officer’ on 01305 221060, who will explain this process and be able to answer any relevant questions. Alternatively, contact the school using the details from our home page.

Any family not living in the catchment area wishing to apply to the school should do so by first visiting the school and then applying to the Admissions Officer, Education Offices, County Hall, Dorchester. DT1 1XJ.

Please click here to apply for a place online & find out more information about the admission process, appeals, contacts etc.

If you stil require more guidance of how to apply to join our Church School, please simply contact our office 01935 872706, who well be able to help.

Our latest ‘Admission Policy’ is available on the SAST website here.

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