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Our Eco Club is very committed to Fair Trade.  We are proud to announce that Thornford School has now achieved the Fair Active Award, awarded by the Fair Trade Foundation.  For this award, we raised awareness of Fair Trade through assemblies and the use of Fair Trade products at Breakfast Club.  We also created a ‘Fair Trade Baking Challenge’ to spread the Fair Trade message to families and friends of children at the school.  We were very excited to see the photographs of cakes and cookies baked at home using Fair Trade ingredients.  We also enjoyed tasting the delicious Fair Trade products that children brought to school, including cakes, fruit salad made with Fair Trade fruit, and cookies.  Congratulations to everyone that helped us achieve the award and a big thank you to parents for supporting us!

A week with our Eco Club

Members of our Eco Committee have monitoring jobs to do every day.  During our Monday meetings, each group reports back and the committee talk about issues that might need to be addressed, for example through special Eco assemblies or events. The children have written about their roles below.  Read on to find out more!

Chairperson and Secretary

We are Chairperson and Secretary of Eco Club. Our job is to make sure that everyone is doing their job properly and to organise our weekly meetings.

Electricity monitors

Hi, we are the electricity monitors. We are going to tell you how we monitor. Every break and lunch time, we go everywhere in the school buildings, if we find a light on we immediately turn it off and record areas where electricity is being wasted. That is how we monitor. Can you help us to be an Eco-School?

Litter monitors

We are the litter monitors. Our job is to go around the school to pick up the litter.  At the moment we have not picked up that much litter, because we encouraging the pupils help pick it up!  Anyone that picks up litter and puts it in the bin receives a special sticker and a team point.

Compost Monitors

We are the compost monitors. Our job is to check the green bins that are used for fruit waste once a day and empty the bins into the compost bin in the school garden.

Water monitors

Our job is to go round the school and check to see if there are any taps on.

If you turn a tap off you will get a sticker and a house point.

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