Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Some children may be perceived as having special educational needs through specific or general learning difficulties. A child has a learning difficulty if he or she has significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age, a physical or sensory impairment, emotional, psychological or behavioural needs. Exceptionally able children can fall into the Special Educational Needs framework.

We work to ensure that all children have the same statutory right to a broad and balanced differentiated curriculum, that is designed to meet their needs as well as the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The School SEND Policy implements the DfE’s Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of children with special needs. The responsibility of assessment and monitoring is shared between class teachers and the SEND co-ordinator (Mrs Emma Lewis).

Class teachers and teaching assistants work closely together to ensure children’s confidence is maintained and their attainment increased. Through careful monitoring, a Learning Support Plan (LSP) is developed which is related to the child’s needs. Parents’ support and input is requested and welcomed, as we understand that a joint approach between home and school is essential.

If you feel your child has special needs and you wish to attend Thornford Primary School, please contact the school to discuss their needs. We utilise the admissions criteria from the Dorset Local Authority for all pupils (including special needs).

All pupils at Thornford Primary School are treated equally, with SEND pupils being no exception. We aim to ensure all children are supported, through additional services such as:

– Two dedicated ELSA staff (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) to help pupils with emotional needs

– A fully trained SENCO to support pupils, parents and staff with children’s additional needs

– Access to a wide range of agencies, e.g. Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychology, Children’s Therapy

– Policies and practices to support our SEND pupils (including disability access)

– Additional meetings for parents/carers of SEND pupils with their class teachers (and SENCO if appropriate)

– Learning Support Plans (or Educational Health and Care Plans – EHCPs – if appropriate) – linked to targets and strategies for our pupils.

Dorset Family Information Directory can be found at

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