Elm Class

Welcome to Elm Class Years 3 & 4

Teachers: Mrs R Saunders and Mrs E Lewis
Teaching Assistants: Mrs E Young and Miss I Ford

Elm Spring termly booklet 2020

Welcome to the Spring Term

This term our topic is Secrets of Stonehenge.

We hope everybody enjoyed our super trip!


Homework and Home Learning

Everybody has a home learning pack to see you through the first few weeks of school closure. Please continue looking at the website for updates after Easter, should school continue to be closed.

FRENCH WEBSITES for home learning

French Learning Resources for Y3_Y4_ch

Y3_Y4_Poisson d’avril

Spellings: You have the Year 3/4 suggested vocabulary from the National Curriculum which you can practise and test yourself on, as we would be doing if we were at school.

Times tables: You can aim to become proficient in ALL your times tables, up to 12 x 12, as this will be of fantastic benefit!

Remember that you can put your skills into practice: e.g. keep a diary, do some cooking (practise reading those scales), tell the time (and work out how long activities are taking), read lots of books and learn new facts, observe wildlife in your garden, etc!

Reading rewards for the Spring Term 2020: We will continue to honour your weekly reading when you return to school, so you could have lots of prizes to collect!

We continue to encourage the children to read at home and to have their book signed by an adult at least 3 times per week. For every 4 weeks that your child has reached the home reading target, they can choose a small reward. There are lots of goodies on offer.

Reading record books are checked every Thursday for our records. We will remind the children to give in their books, but you can help at home by prompting the children before school on Thursday mornings – thank you. This should help develop independence as the year progresses.

Let us know if you have read a really good book!

Class Behaviour Chart

In Elm Class, we have a ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour chart. All the children’s names are displayed with a green card. This means they are following school behaviour expectations and they are rewarded with a team point for remaining green all week. On rare occasions when children are not following behaviour expectations, they may be given an amber warning card. Further reprimand may lead to a red card with a consequence such as missing play time. If amber or red cards are given out, we will inform parents with a note in the reading record book, along with a brief explanation of the reason. We hope in this instance, you will talk to your child about what has happened. Please feel free to ask Mrs Saunders or Mrs Lewis for further information if you would find it helpful.


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