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Welcome to Elm Class Years 3 & 4

Teachers: Mrs R Saunders and Mrs E Lewis
Teaching Assistants: Mrs E Young and Miss I Ford

Welcome to the Summer Term

This term our topic is Mighty Mountains.

Home Learning

We do hope the activities we are planning will be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Please only do as much as you can.

We look forward to hearing how you are getting on via email or through Google Classroom. 😊

Week beginning 4th May: All new weekly activities are now on Google Classroom. Please contact us if you have any difficulties with accessing them.

Previous weeks’ work is still posted here:

Week beginning Monday 27th April:

English: As we are starting our new topics, the first English task is a comprehension activity linked with our R.E topic. Can Y3 complete the first ‘version’ and Y4 children complete the second ‘version’. Note for parents – answers are there too! https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-re-524-ks2-pentecost-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity

The next task for the week is linked with playscripts (linked with what we had planned for Mrs. Saunders to cover with the children) Look at the following power point, recalling and explaining what the different features are. Can you create your own short playscript about a scene that happened over the weekend. It can be something fun that happened or a discussion over lunch or dinner. This is a good opportunity for you to put these key features into practice. https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/lks2-features-of-a-play-script-powerpoint-t2-e-5126

Plus you can still access the daily BBC Bitesize lessons.

BBC Bitesize has created very good on-line lessons. You simply go to ‘Daily lessons’, pick your key stage and year group, then you have access to lots of user-friendly resources. The daily English lessons provide great practice (e.g. about word families). If you are keen, you can practise maths skills and all sorts of other things! (You can also access lessons from the beginning of this week).

Maths: Y3 https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-3/

You can click on the White Rose link to access the lessons for Summer Term Week 1.
There are two lovely visual lessons about equivalent fractions and the following two are about comparing and ordering fractions. This is very similar to work we would be covering with Maths No Problem at school.
Just a word of warning: the ‘Flashback’ warm-up questions may contain things we have not yet covered (such as finding fractions of a number, or decimals) – but the main lessons are good.
Also, the teacher is American and sometimes quarters are referred to as ‘fourths’. You might like to remind your children that we call them quarters!

Y4  Y4-Maths-27.04.20

Foundation subjects: We have now prepared a list of activities for you to choose from and fit in with English, Maths and other activities and commitments. This should keep you going until Half-term. There is absolutely no pressure to do them all!

Elm Class topic home learning menu

Y3 Activity Sheet Locating UK Mountains

Y4 Activity Sheet Locating UK Mountains

Activity Sheet Card Contours

Activity Sheet Potato Contours

Mighty Mountains cover to colour

Lesson Presentation UK Mountains  (in case the Twinkl link doesn’t work for Geography Task 2)

Continuing activities:

Le 30 avril 2020  Bonjour la classe!  Ça va? How are you?  I hope you are keeping your French up a little bit.  Below you will find our next Planète Phonique with sound “ou” .  Remember repetition is the key to memorising and learning this sound.  Bon courage, Madame Ferguson.

Le son – ou

This clip will help you sound “ou” accurately.

Le son – ou – KIM’S GAME Le son – ou

FRENCH WEBSITES for home learning


Click on the word doc for your learning.  Clip 1: RAP 1-20 Clip 2: SONG 1-100

French Learning Resources for Y3_Y4_ch

Y3_Y4_Poisson d’avril

Reading: We hope that you will be doing lots of reading whilst you are at home!                Please write a review for us to share if you have really enjoyed a particular book. Attached is Solamon’s book review. 😊

Solamon’s book review

Reading rewards for the Summer Term 2020: We will continue to honour your weekly reading when you return to school, so you could have lots of prizes to collect! Simply ask a parent to sign your book every Thursday if you have read at least three times that week.

If you need some extra books to read, Oxford Owls are offering free on-line access to a huge range of stories.

Also, we have free on-line access to The Week Junior magazine, which lots of children in Elm Class enjoy reading: https://magazine.theweekjunior.co.uk/

Spellings: You have the Year 3/4 suggested vocabulary from the National Curriculum which you can practise and test yourself on, as we would be doing if we were at school. Remember to choose 8-10 words per week. Also, don’t forget to re-cap on previous words to see if you can still remember them.

Times tables: You can aim to become proficient in ALL your times tables, up to 12 x 12, as this will be of fantastic benefit. You could get all the family to join in and sing along as you recite them! Don’t forget Times Tables Rockstars too.

Remember that you can put your skills into practice: e.g. keep a diary, do some cooking (practise reading those scales), tell the time (and work out how long activities are taking), read lots of books and learn new facts, observe wildlife in your garden, etc!


Week beginning Monday 20th April:

Topic: Use an atlas if you have one (or google on-line) to find a map of the world which shows the Earth’s physical features/landscapes. Can you find the Earth’s highest areas? You need a map which shows these. You should be able to locate the major mountain ranges, e.g. the Rocky Mountains, the Andes and the Himalayas. Which continents are these in? Can you find the highest mountain (peak) on each continent and make a note of its height in metres? How big is the Earth’s highest mountain?

If you can print the map below, you can complete the world major mountains labelling activity (Hot tip – you may want to number each mountain range as a key, as it will be a squeeze to fit the names onto the map):


English: As we would if returning to school, write a recount of your Easter break. Don’t forget to work on your targets, which were sent to your parents at the end of last term! You might like to write in detail about one particular activity that you enjoyed.


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