As a recognised ‘UNICEF Rights Respecting School’ we encourage our pupils to lead their own behaviour, be responsible for each other as a family and become outstanding role models within our community.

Good behaviour is expected from the children at all times, both in class and out of class. Children are expected to have respect for each other, for all staff within the school and for any visitors to the school.

They are encouraged to be welcoming and polite. In a small school it is easier to get to know the children well over a longer period of time. This can be valuable in developing their self-esteem through praising good behaviour and valuing their contributions.

We have numerous strategies to encourage outstanding behaviour including stickers, post-cards, rewards and at times sanctions (please enquire within our office for a copy of our latest ‘Rewards & Sanctions Booklet).

They are encouraged to support each other and to be sensitive to each others needs.

Meal times are seen as an important time for encouraging politeness and good social skills.

Minor problems are dealt with immediately by discussing behaviour with the child. Some issues are raised during circle time in class so children can discuss the implications of certain behaviour together and work out solutions together. Each year during the Autumn Term, our school reaffirms our strong commitment to our partnership of learning with parents / carers, pupils & staff by issuing our ‘Home & School Agreement’. This clearly states our high expectation & genuine partnership to help our pupils succeed at our school and beyond!

If a child has a problem at school parents are involved at an early stage. If necessary a meeting is arranged to discuss the problems and to work out a solution involving parents, school and child.

For more information concerning any aspect to do with discipline & behaviour, do not hesitate to contact one of our teaching staff / senior team.

Please click on our Policies Page for our latest Behaviour / Anti-bullying & other related policies

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