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Acorn news from week beginning 4th February

In phonics the Reception children revised the sounds oa, oo, ar and ur and all the tricky words learned so far. The Year One children learned the alternative sounds for the grapheme ‘i’ (compare the i sound in milk and remind) and the alternative o sound (compare the o sound in hot and both) and the two alternative sounds for the u grapheme (compare the u sound in plug, unicorn and pudding!). They also learned about vowels and the rule when c or g is followed by an e, i or y (they make the sounds s and j respectively).

In English we wrote a recount of our long snowy weekend then looked through and self-assessed their writing. The children came up with their own writing targets to try to remember each time they write. They learned their poems for the Reciting and Debating Celebration – we hope you enjoyed their performances at assembly!

In Maths the Reception children were focussing on estimating (‘clever guessing’) and the Year One children were using tens and ones tables and Base Ten apparatus to help them with their understanding and writing of numbers more than 20.

We have started making our superhero cars – thank you for all the boxes!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Acorn Team

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