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What have we been learning this week?

This week, Beech Class carried out some fieldwork in the village, with a visit to our beautiful church.  We enjoyed finding different features inside and outside the church and also thought about which materials had been used for both the building and the furniture.  In English, we continued to work on our understanding of what a sentence is and how to punctuate it correctly.  We also used our fieldwork to help us create a report about one feature of the church, working collaboratively with a partner.  In maths, the Year 1 children had lots of fun using positional language and practice using left and right.  Year 2 were delighted to finish the long and challenging addition and subtraction chapter of their workbook, and are looking forward to beginning work on multiplication and division.  Everyone had fun today dressing in spots and pyjamas to raise money for Children in Need, and in our Pause for Thought reflection we thought about all the different ways we can help others.


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