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News from week beginning 12th November

In phonics the YR children learned some more digraphs (two letters that make one sound), namely th, ch, sh and ng and the tricky words we, me and be. The Year One children learned number words (e.g. three, seven), the tricky words were, there, little and one and they also thought about mnemonics to help them remember the spelling of tricky words (e.g. ‘silly ant is dripping’ for said).

We had a super English topic this week – Oreos! The children twisted their Oreo open, licked the white middle, stuck it back together then ate it! They then wrote instructions on how to do this, using the words first, next, then and finally.

In Maths the YR children focussed on writing numbers and correct number formation. The Year One children were working with numbers to 20, writing them, comparing, ordering and using words like ‘greater than’ and ‘fewer’.

In D&T the children watched fruit being cut and had a good look at the inside of a kiwi, a good sniff of the mango and a good feel of the outside of the spiky pineapple. They then got to eat it in the form of a fruit salad, with some orange juice added! The children loved it and some tried a fruit they had never tasted before – great!

The highlight of the week for adults and children was walking around Thornford, looking at the features and then ending up at the park! We will be adding a Gallery on Acorn’s web-page soon, so please look out for the photos!

Have a super weekend!

The Acorn Team

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