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News from week beginning 5th November

Another busy week in Acorn Class…


This week in Phonics the Reception children learnt the sounds y, z/zz and qu and the tricky words he and she. The Year One children learnt the tricky word so and learnt a mnemonic to help them remember how to spell the tricky word said – see if they can remember it if you ask them! They also practised writing the tricky words have, like, some and come and thought about the ck sound that usually sits at the end of a word.


In English the children wrote the middle and end of their changed Paper Dolls stories and then designed front covers for their stories. The Year One children also self-corrected their writing which is such an important skill to practise.


In Maths the focus this week for both the Reception and Year One children was on positional language. The Reception children thoroughly enjoyed using beebot and moving it around a special mat using positional language; they gave each other instructions to build with multilink cubes, for example by saying “put the yellow block on top of the blue block” and hid teddy bears for each other to find around the classroom. The Year One children thought about the use of ordinal numbers to describe the position of children in a queue or in a race e.g. first, second and third and then they started to describe position using their left and right.


In other news this week we also had a special visit from two Naval Officers who talked to us about Remembrance. The children listened beautifully to their presentation and thought of some really pertinent questions to ask and we then wrote reports on what we had heard in Year One.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.


The Acorn Team 🙂

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