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News from week beginning 9th July

In phonics both YR and Y1 children revised all the sounds and tricky words learned this year. We had some cross-curricular RE/English this week, learning about the Maccabee story and the Jewish celebration, Hanukkah. The children played with a menorah, a skull cap, some home-made dreidels and we listened to some super Hanukkah songs. The children then had a lovely reflection time with some scented candles.

Hanukkah fun!

Hanukkah fun!

In Maths the children were revising height and length and measuring using metre sticks, rulers and tape measures.

The children wrote some acrostic poems about butterflies because we miss our little friends! We also learned to sort animals by what they eat. The children sorted various animals into groups of either herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and had a good think about which group they would class themselves in.

The children loved learning about the artist Alexander Calder and his kinetic (moving) sculptures. The children were inspired by this very different art form and loved making their own kinetic sculptures using the pebbles they had brought in, pipe cleaners, beads and sequins. We hope the children were able to show you how a gentle blow or tap, moved the pipe cleaner sproutings!

Have a super weekend!

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