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News from week beginning 2nd July

Another sunny week in Acorn Class this week…


In phonics in Reception we have been revising writing tricky words; writing sentences independently in our phonics books and revising the ar, oo, air and ure sounds. In Year One we have been writing sentences thinking about using capital letters, full stops and adjectives; organising letters into the correct handwriting families and writing sentences that contain tricky words.


In English we have been focusing on holidays past and present and have really enjoyed writing about holidays that we have been on and then learning about what holidays were like in the past. We particularly enjoyed watching ‘Magic Grandad’ which taught us about Victorian seaside holidays- see if your child can tell you an interesting fact that they found out!


In Maths we revised our knowledge of coins. We had great fun doing coin rubbings, using coin stamps and buying different classroom objects using the fewest number of coins to buy them. We also sorted, ordered and labelled different coins and even added coins together.


In other news in D&T we made and evaluated wheeled-vehicles; in Music we had a lesson on tempo and in PE we continued our obstacle course practise in preparation for School Games Day! Thank you to all the parents who came to the Maths session on Wednesday morning, we really hope that it was useful and that you enjoyed the experience as much as the children did!


Have a lovely, sunny weekend,


The Acorn Team 🙂

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