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News from week beginning 25th June

We have had such an exciting week – full of different animals!

We had a fantastic time at Gore Farm meeting the working hens, feeding the calves and lambs, and going on a very bumpy tractor ride! Considering it was a scorching day, the children did really well. We all came back exhausted but very happy!

In phonics, YR carried on practising reading and writing words with consonant clusters and revised the tricky words learned so far. Y1 focused on the different ‘er’ graphemes (er, ir and ur) and concentrated on making sure their writing makes sense and has capital letters and full stops.

We carried on halving and doubling in Maths and wrote recounts of the Gore Farm trip, making sure we included time connectives (first, then, next). The children were so keen to write about their experience, especially about Lucy the hen and the cheeky lambs!

On Monday we came in to school to find that our gold-coloured crysalides were not how we left them…5 butterflies were stretching their wings in our net butterfly house!  We quickly gave them some satsuma segments and tomatoes, which they loved! On Wednesday we knew they were ready to be released so Beech Class and Acorn Class (and Mrs Brooking!) all came out onto the field to watch them fly free. One flew out almost straight away once the top was unzipped, then there was a little wait for the second…

Waiting patiently...

Waiting patiently…

The third flew out cheekily when we were doing Let’s Explore, back in our playground after PE! Please ask your child what was different about one of them and why… Mrs Cheyne helped the last two out at the end of the day – she was extremely gentle and placed them on flowers. They immediately started drinking the nectar!

What a magical experience.

Have a lovely weekend

Acorn Team

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