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News from week beginning 21st May

We have had a busy week leading up to half term and have said goodbye to Mrs Cleal who we will miss very much as she takes up her new post at Yetminster Primary School, good luck Mrs Cleal!


In phonics this week the reception children brainstormed how many words they could think of that used some of the trickier sounds that we have learnt including igh and ure. They wrote sentences in their phonics books about different pictures, focusing on using their phonic knowledge to make phonetically plausible attempts at writing words and they also read action sentences and then thought of actions to go with them such as ‘brush my hair’. In Year One the children revised the ue sound which can make the oo and you sound, the split digraph u-e as in duke and looked closely at the ar sound which was confusing some children when they read words such as crab (they were reading it as carb).


English was great fun this week! We watched an advert about how to eat an Oreo and then twisted, licked and put back together our Oreo before we were allowed to eat it. Over the next two days we wrote instructions about how to eat an Oreo independently and the results are proudly displayed on the writing wall in the classroom.


In Maths this week we focused on our understanding of teen numbers by using the Numicon to make teen numbers; using multilink cubes to make teen numbers (towers for the tens and single cubes for the ones) and by using 10p and one pence coins to make teen numbers. The Year One children also practised writing hundreds numbers correctly and making them using place value arrow cards.


In other news we enjoyed the gorgeous weather this week by concocting and performing a show outside; we continued to sew our puppets in Plan, Do, Review; we took part in the music assembly this afternoon and we had a visit from Mel who talked to us about how all families are different.


Have a wonderful half term and see you all soon.


The Acorn Team 🙂

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