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News from week beginning 14th May

We have had a really different week this week. As the rest of the school was doing SATs and tests, we had the opportunity to spend four of the five mornings in the new hall, with our Beech Year 1 friends. We had such fun! We did word-searches, Quick Maths and dot-to-dots. We made amazing junk model aliens!

Junk model aliens

Junk model aliens

Junk model aliens

Junk model aliens

As it was Norway Day on 17th May, we read a Norwegian story about trolls and a mystifying lynx, we watched a video about a bear visiting Norway and Edna Bennett very kindly came in to tell us about Norway and how and why they celebrate Norway Day. She brought in photos and flags and even wore the beautiful traditional dress (see main photo). We particularly loved the home-made Norwegian cinnamon pastries…thank you for coming in Edna!

In Science on Friday, we brainstormed all the edible plants we know – there were billions! We then discussed which part was edible in each plant. Please ask your child which part we eat of a carrot and lettuce.

We also observed the difference between a seed that has been kept in the dark and one that has had sunlight. We predicted that the seed wouldn’t grow. We were wrong – the seed sprouted out of the jar! However, please ask your child what the difference was  compared to the seed in sunlight.

We are now close to finishing the first stage of growing our broad beans so we have sent home the ones that have started to sprout. We are giving the ones that haven’t sprouted one more week, in case they’re late bloomers! If they do not sprout in the next week, we’ll start again with a new seed and a new handful of cotton wool and send them home on Friday – we will keep our fingers crossed that they sprout at home under your careful watch!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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