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News from week beginning 30th April

In Phonics the Reception children learned to read the tricky words do, when, out and what and learned to spell the tricky words my and her. They are really coming along with hearing all the sounds in words containing consonant clusters such as chest and brush. They had lots of writing practise, with one sentence involving a clown doing tricks with a chimpanzee! Please see the main photo of the children doing some fabulous writing in the sun (still with a cold breeze, mind you!)

The Year One children learned the alternative spelling for the ow sound (e.g. ou in mountain) and the alternative ng sound in drink (dring-k). They practised the tricky words thought, through, work and mouse. The children focussed on the handwriting families to consolidate their letter formation (all curly caterpillar letters, e.g. d, g, o, begin like a c) and handwriting, using the soil, grass and sky sheets.

In English we all had a gorgeous time learning about the author-illustrator, Oliver Jeffers – we watched a video about him and wrote some facts we had learned (please ask your child what he always carries with him in case he has an idea!) We read 6 of his books throughout the week! We learned to recognise his style of illustration. The children thought of some questions about a particular book to check a friend’s comprehension then they answered each other’s questions brilliantly!

In Maths we have been thinking about using our number bond and doubles knowledge to quickly and accurately answer addition number sentences containing three numbers (e.g. with 5+2+5=? we would like the children to see that there is a number bond then automatically calculate the 5+5=10 then quickly add the 2). We also had some fun with dominos, finding the pairs of number that add up to 7 and 10…

Finding pairs to 7!

Finding pairs to 7!

Finding pairs to 10!

Finding pairs to 10!

In Science we observed and recorded the changes (or the fact that there had been no change yet!) with our broad beans seeds. In RE we learned about the weekly Jewish celebration of Shabbat and compared our own special occasions and meals with the Shabbat celebration and meal. In D&T we designed the puppets we are going to sew next week – what a creative bunch, we had googly eyes, buttons and beards in our designs! Wish us luck next week when we start sewing them…

Have a super weekend!

The Acorn Team

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