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News from week beginning 16th April

The children were bursting with news about their Easter holiday so we had a lovely circle time telling each other about our break then we wrote it down as a recount. They went through their writing and thought about one thing that would make it even better, for example finger spaces, clear writing or capital letters and full stops. The children then copied out their Easter recounts again, really focussing on their target area. We were astounded by how much better their writing was – well done children!

We have had such fun in Maths this week! We have been learning about volume and capacity using resources like the sand and water trays and multi-link cubes. We’ve been discussing the tricky difference between the meaning of ‘volume’ and ‘capacity’. The children have been discussing then predicting which container has the highest volume of water in and checking to see if they were right. They also looked at different volumes of water in measuring jugs and containers then read the scales up the side to see how many ml each one contained.

Learning capacity through sand!

Learning capacity through sand!

In RE we started the Jewish Shabbat topic by thinking about our own special days of the week, discussing then drawing or writing about our favourite day of the week and the reason why. In Science we started our Plant topic by going on a plant hunt around the school grounds, armed with an iPad to take photos – they found so many! We then looked at a PowerPoint presentation showing the parts of a plant and what jobs each part has.

Thank you to the Year One parents who attended our Phonics Check parent session on Tuesday – we hope you found it useful hearing about the check that will be happening in June. Those who were unable to attend, please read the information sheet we sent home and come to us if you have any questions.

Have a sunny weekend!

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