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News from week beginning 12th March

In phonics this week, the Reception children played tricky word bingo, underlined all the digraphs and trigraphs in sentences with a ‘writing partner’ and had a fun time revising syllables – they had a hunt around the playground with a talk partner and a clipboard, with the challenge of finding as many words containing 2 syllables as they can. They found loads! Bucket, waistcoat, Lego, boxes, water etc. The Year One children learned the difference between singular and plural and that if they are writing the plural of a word, they need to add ‘es’ (instead of just ‘s’) on the end if the pluralisation adds a syllable (e.g. churches). They learned ‘ew’ with its two pronunciations (‘oo’ as chew and ‘yoo’ as in nephew) and the alternative ‘ai’ (e.g. the spelling of the ‘ai’ sound in ate, say, eight, lady and prey) and the alternative ‘c’ (e.g. the spelling on the ‘c’ sound in lick, kit, box, school, queen).

The children had a super time learning about 3D shapes this week – going on hunts and taking photos around the school of 3D shapes, printing with them and sorting everyday objects into ‘shape houses’. By the end of the week many were able to describe the properties (2 flat faces and 1 curved face for cylinder) and it made us laugh that many children called the ball-shaped 3D objects “Sofias”…

We had a History-based week, learning more about the Victorians, firstly using adjectives to describe Queen Victoria from a photo then thinking about the poor children who have to work while their rich peers go to school. They came up with questions they would like to ask a child miner and they did some hot-seating, asking the ‘flat-capped’ Acornian what it is like down a mine, whether they get lonely, what a mine smells like etc. The children then went on to pretend to be a child miner themselves, writing diary entries and sentences describing how they feel (dirty, scared, tired, hungry), some wrote these in ‘coal dust’ in a tray and some on clipboards in the ‘wooden house mine’ in the playground, complete with lanterns to see their writing! The children loved this. The final session was them going through Victorian school rules and comparing with modern day school rules. They did this in groups, scattered around the playground, classroom and conservatory! We encouraged them to discuss and write on their tummies – partly because this is such a good position to improve core strength and gross motor skills and therefore fine motor skills, and partly because it was plain fun! Please see the main photo and below…

Group writingGroup writing Group writing

Group writingIt was lovely seeing you all at the Parent Consultations so thank you for coming along. Have a super weekend!

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