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News from week beginning 5th March

After a week shortened by snow last week we have been back and busy this week in Acorn Class!

In Phonics this week the Reception children learnt the new tricky word ‘her’ and we learnt to read and write 2-syllable words such as ‘sixteen’ and ‘fishing’. We also particularly enjoyed clapping the syllables in our names and favourite foods! In Year one the children practised the Phonics Check and had a double spelling test due to the snow last week. They also read and jumbled sentences on the iPads and looked at the ch sound which can make a ch sound as in church, a c sound as in school and a sh sound as in chef.

In Maths we have been learning to make and read tally charts, so for example we hunted for pictures of fruit that had been hidden both inside and outside and recorded how many we found in tally chart form. We also made tally charts to find out the answer to this important question: what is your favourite ice cream flavour? and then transferred this information onto a block graph.

In English this week the children wrote amazing fantasy stories INDEPENDENTLY! We started with the premise that the children were walking through a wood when they found a magic pebble and the children finished their stories off with wonderful imaginings. For example, one child wrote about the pebble taking them to a bubble factory and another found that the pebble contained a magical bird which spoke to him. We are so proud of the children’s writing which is displayed on our writing wall, so please have a look before your Parents Evening appointment next week.

In other news the children have been practising throwing and catching in earnest in PE; in Art we made a secret and special something for Sunday and in Science we investigated what we wear in each of the different seasons. The children looked fabulous in their World Book Day character outfits – what a great day!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you at Parents Evenings on Monday and Thursday next week.

The Acorn Team 🙂

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