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News from week beginning 26th February

What a short school-week!

In Phonics the Reception children revised the trigraphs ‘air’ and ‘ear’ and the tricky words learned so far. They also practised the Alphabet Rap, focussing on reading and writing capital letters.

The Year One children learned the different sounds for the ‘a’ grapheme (e.g. in splash, bacon, fast, want) and the ‘y’ grapheme (e.g. yes, by, pyramid, happy) and revised the tricky words many, laughed, because, different, any, eyes, friends, once, please. They also revised how the different punctuation marks make us change the way we read and understand text and used iPads.

In English the children had a gorgeous time in talk partners coming up with adjectives to describe fantasy settings. They handled interesting objects such as crystals, sparkly wands and fossils and interesting characters such as toy dragons and Zomlings, before they went on to create their own fantasy setting, object and character. They loved this and came up with some imaginative and amazing ideas!

In Maths the children revised subtraction, focussing on counting back as a strategy (rather than taking objects or fingers away!) and had lots of fun in talk partners working out problems involving counting back.

The highlight of the week was the session with the ‘Dinosaur Roar!’ author and Thornford parent, Paul Stickland. They were fascinated hearing about how Paul wrote and illustrated ‘Dinosaur Roar!’ and his other books and they made their own pop ups!

As we missed Show and Tell this week, it will be Reception boys’ turn again next week. Year One children will have their spelling test on Monday.

We hope you are having fun in the snow and we hope to see you on Monday.

Have a warm and safe weekend!

The Acorn Team


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