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News from week beginning 19th February

What a fantastic first week back after half term we have had!


In Phonics this week the Reception children learnt the Alphabet Rap which they loved singing!! We have started to talk about letter sounds having letter names e.g. a is A and we have been practising writing capital letters ready to use at the start of our sentences when we are writing. We are also continuing to revise digraph and trigraph sounds that we find tricky ready to start Phase 4 of the Letters and Sounds programme in a few weeks time. In Year One the children learnt the alternative oa grapheme ow as in snow and learnt that the ie grapheme can make the ee sound as in thief and the igh sound as in pie. We also learnt the alternative e grapheme ea as in head and the tricky words: water, where, who, again, thought, through, work and mouse.


In Maths this week we had lots of fun learning about time. We talked about telling the time using a clock; we completed challenges within a given time period e.g. how many smiley faces could we draw in 1 minute and we talked about the different activities that we do at different times of the day. The children really enjoyed drawing chalk clocks outside, reading and making the time to the hour and even to half past the hour on clocks and making their own paper plate and split pin clocks.


In English this week we read the book Handa’s Surprise and had a wonderful time acting out the story! In the story various cheeky animals steal the fruit that Handa is taking to her friend Akeyo so we wrote a list of each naughty animal using a good adjective to describe it and each piece of fruit that was taken! We also re-wrote the story using exciting openers and drew pictures of the different fruit in the story and then labelled them.


In other news, in Geography we learnt about the Chinese New Year. We all said ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese and heard the story of how the animals of the Chinese Zodiac were first decided. In Art we learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock and recreated his work – what a messy, splatty time we had!


All-in-all another busy week in Acorn Class!


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine 🙂


The Acorn Team

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