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News from week beginning 29th January

Another busy week in Acorn Class this week…


In Phonics this week the Reception children were revising the sounds ee, or, igh and ai and all of the tricky words that we have learnt so far. In Year One the children were learning about split digraphs, for example the a-e sound in cape and the o-e sound in explode and they also learnt the alternative oa sound oe as in toe and potatoes.


In English this week we read the story ‘The Day Louis Got Eaten’ and had great fun writing about which creature in the story we thought was the scariest! We also talked about the problem and solution in the story (there were lots of problems!) and when writing focused on using the conjunctions ‘but’ and ‘however’.


In Maths this week we focused on counting in 10’s and number bonds to 10. We learnt a number bond song; put straws into bundles of 10’s and made our own ten sticks from squared paper to name just a few activities.


In other news we are still thoroughly enjoying using the large gymnastics apparatus in PE and this week we played a game which involved collecting beanbags from various parts of the apparatus whilst still using it safely which we loved. In Science we were investigating which material we thought would make the best umbrella for a toy. In Art we made play doh models of our own choice and we also had a visit from Mrs Marks who helped us make our own Christingles. All in all another busy week!


Have a lovely weekend.


The Acorn Team 🙂

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