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News from week beginning 22nd January

We’ve had a busy busy week!

In phonics, the Reception children revised the sh, th, ch and ng digraphs as well as all the tricky words they have learned so far this year. We asked them to read all the sounds and tricky words in a one-to-one situation to assess which ones they knew. You will find the ones they weren’t sure of in their reading folders ready for regular practising at home! Thank you for your support, it makes an enormous difference when their learning is consolidated at home. The Year One children learned the alternative spellings ph, wh,  ew and ue and revised the tricky words they have learned so far.

In English the children were immersed in the Mr Men world, including learning all about the author, Roger Hargreaves (please ask your children how the idea for Roger Hargreaves’ first book arose…). We read lots of Mr Men and Little Miss stories, the children talked in partners about what they have learned from the stories (e.g. Mr Jelly learned that counting to ten calms his nerves) and they thought about what their names would be if they were Mr Men or Little Miss characters. The children absolutely loved these books – the unusual language and cheeky humour.

In Maths we were focussing on number bonds (pairs of numbers that make another number), number stories (0+6=6, 1+5=6, 2+4=6 etc) and looking really carefully for any patterns to help us. They also did some ordering activities – please see our main photo for when some children were over-the-moon they had put the numbers 0-20 in order before the wind blew the crocodiles away… again!

The children had a super reflection time, looking silently at a picture of a wood cabin in the snow, next to a lake – they came up with some beautiful reflections on this picture. Following on from the designing and making of their little pig houses a short while ago, we had a visit from the ‘wolf’ to test whether their creations could be blown down or not. They then did a review of their pig house, focussing on what they would differently next time to improve their creation.

In History we looked at the differences between Victorian and modern life (please ask your children whether all children went to school in Victorian times). The Year One children had a fabulous time with a scientist from Bristol University, who came to visit, showing the children eye-poppingly exciting experiments in the new hall!

Have a great weekend

The Acorn Team

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