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News from week beginning 15th January

In phonics, the Reception children learned the final phase 3 sounds ‘ear’, ‘air’, ‘ure’ and ‘er’ and the tricky word ‘they’. Thank you to the Reception parents who came to the Show and Tell phonics session on Tuesday – what a turn-out! The children were so proud to show you their phonic knowledge and skills. Year One children learned the alternative sounds ie as in cried, oy as in royal and ir as in skirt, and the tricky words ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’, ‘called’, ‘asked’ and ‘looked’. They revised letter names and the difference between a statement, question and command. The children looked over their partner’s writing and suggested ways of improving it – they love this!

In English, the children listened to and discussed poems, and practised ways of coming up with rhyming words (use an alphabet strip and go along each letter and see if it can make a word by going in front of their rhyming sound). They then did some shared poetry writing and drew colourful borders around the edge ready to show in Parent Assembly – we hope you enjoyed hearing and seeing the poems!

In Maths, the children learned about weight and used language such as heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest balance and equal. They used balance scales to compare weights of objects and we had a big focus on whether the biggest objects are always the heaviest. We also looked at weighing scales and recipes, and we also weighed some children!

In Science, we discussed materials and why objects are made from certain material e.g. why aren’t gloves made from wood, toy cars made from glass and keys made from fabric? The children were really engaged and thoughtful working out their reasons.

Why can't a key be made from fabric?

Why can’t a key be made from fabric?

Why can't a glove be made from wood?

Why can’t a glove be made from wood?

Why can't a toy car be made from glass?

Discussing in ‘Talk Partners’ why a toy car cannot be made from glass

After watching The Three Little Pigs on video, the children designed and made their own home for the pigs (some were Lego, cardboard boxes and waffle blocks) and we will be testing them next week with a special wolf (hairdryer!).

In RE the children listened to the story of The Good Samaritan then re-enacted it with actions and brilliant expressions. They discussed what they can learn from the story about being kinder to people who aren’t their friends. Then they sequenced the story by cutting and sticking.

What a week!

Have a super weekend

The Acorn Team


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