beech class

What have we been learning this week?

This week has been really busy in Beech.  We loved creating our boats in DT and had great fun testing them.  All the boats floated, but not all were that good at holding a weight without sinking!  We followed this up by writing instructions for how to make a boat and learnt how to evaluate our instructions against success criteria, looking for what we had done well and what we could improve on next time.  We’ve also been busy working on our maths skills for subtraction and we’re looking forward to some Christmas maths next week.  Finally, we’ve continued to work on our drama and music with practices for the nativity.  We’re looking forward to performing for our friends and families on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

No homework or spellings this week.  Please continue to practise your lines and song words instead, along with completing any outstanding homework or Active Learn games.

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