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News from week beginning 6th November

We had a glorious week, with a big history-theme!

The children learned all about Remembrance and the reasons why we wear poppies. They sat so beautifully during the Remembrance service in the hall (see main photo), particularly the 2 minute silence. We were very proud.

In English the children were enthralled hearing about the heroic nurse from World War 1, Edith Cavell. She saved and cured soldiers from both sides of the war and risked her life hiding soldiers. The children did some lovely role-play around Edith’s story, some were German soldiers seeking out the hidden British soldiers, some were nurses, looking after and curing the soldiers. The children wrote words and sentences in speech bubbles and on Patient Information Sheets. They even ‘hot-seated’ as Edith, sitting on the teacher chair with a scarf on, answering questions as her (see below for some hot-seating photos).

Hot-seating Edith Cavell

Hot-seating Edith Cavell

Hot-seating Edith Cavell

Hot-seating Edith Cavell

Hot-seating Edith Cavell

Hot-seating Edith Cavell

In Phonics the Reception children learned the sounds y, z and qu and the tricky words ‘he and ‘she’. They also had a session on letter formation and were introduced to the handwriting families (curly caterpillar, robot-arm, long ladder and zigzag monster). These groups contain all the letters of the alphabet and show the children how to start forming the letter (every curly caterpillar letter, c, a, o, etc, starts as an anti-clockwise curve, every robot-arm letter, r, h, b, starts by going down, then back up the same line then it curves over to the right). The Year One children focussed on practising tricky words, coming up with mnemonics to help them remember how to spell them (e.g. silly ant is dripping’ for ‘said’. Also, they practised verbally creating sentences before they write them to make sure they make sense before committing to paper and also using conjunctions (such as then, and, because) to stretch our sentences and make them more interesting.

The children had a lovely practical time revising 2D shapes in Maths. They sorted them into hoops as to whether they have curved sides or straight. The children were set the challenge of placing a semi-circle in the right place – well done to all the problem solvers! They made shapes out of pipe-cleaners and created pictures using only one shape by drawing round circles (we had super snowman) or triangles (we had a lovely Christmas tree). The Year one children (and some Reception children) were excited about extending their learning to octagons, hexagons and pentagons.

Half the children spent some time reviewing their junk-model musical shakers, they were thoughtful and creative in their reviews, thinking about what they would change if they were to make another one (the other half are going to be reviewing next week!). The Reception children practised starting up the computers and logging on with the joint Reception log-on – they practised on paper keyboards, how to press Control, Alt and Delete at the same time. They tried hard to stretch their little fingers to press all three keys at the same time! The Year One children spent some time in the ICT suite practising turning on the computers and logging on with their own log-ins.

Finally, we have started learning our lines (Year Ones) and songs for the KS1 Nativity…prepare yourselves for some very excited, singing children this weekend!

Have a lovely one.

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