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News from week beginning 2nd May

After the long weekend, the children came back refreshed and ready to learn!

In phonics the Reception children continued practising reading and writing words with consonant clusters (pond, crash) and revised all the tricky words they have learned so far. The Year one children focussed on reading nonsense words (this makes them use their phonic knowledge rather than rely on their sight vocabulary) ready for their phonics check in June. They also practised saying the th digraph, showing their tongues! If they say ‘vuh’ for ‘the’ they will write ‘vuh’! They read a crazy made-up sentence that contained about 35 ‘th’ words to really test them! They revised the alternative oi graphemes (oy) and the three ways of writing the ‘r’ phoneme (w, wr and rr).

In English we read the classic book, Dear Zoo – they loved it and joined in with every repeated phrase. The children firstly wrote their own letter to the zoo, asking for an animal of their choice and the reason behind it, then they rewrote part of the book, creating their own flap page! Hopefully the parents enjoyed seeing these during our showing assembly.

They had a super time in PE doing rhythmic gymnastics (see photo) and we talked about the Jewish ‘holiday’ of Shabbat – why and how Shabbat is celebrated. The children also learned about the different parts of a plant and the jobs they do. In Music the children watched a video showing different tempos in music and used an online activity to change the tempo of some Acorn-made music.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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