Acorn class

News from week beginning 27th February

We have had a very busy week in Acorn Class!

In phonics the Reception children revised the digraphs oo, ow and oi and learned the Alphabet Rap! We also revised the tricky words and high frequency words we have learned so far. The Year One children looked at different pronunciations of a in words e.g. splash and bacon; different pronunciations of y in words e.g. dry and crystal and different pronounciations of ch in words e.g. school and church. They also learned the tricky words: many, laughed, because, different, any, eyes, friends, once and please.

In Maths we learned through play this week which was very popular with the children! We played snakes and ladders, shape recognition games and practised addition and subtraction using the Maths Bingo app on the iPads.

In English the children perfected their group poems for the Reading, Reciting and Debating Celebration. We were all so proud of how clear, loud and well-paced their recitals were and how brave the children were to perform them to an audience.

In other news the children took part in the pancake races on Tuesday afternoon which were drizzly but fun! In RE the children wrote in their reflection journals after looking at a picture resembling the Garden of Eden in the Reading and Reflection area of the classroom and in D&T they made superhero junk model cars. The Year One children also had a visit from Premier Sport who presented an information session on nutrition and the digestive system.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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