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News from week beginning 20th February

We have had a super week!

In phonics the Reception children revised the digraphs oo (with its long and short pronunciations), ar, ur and oa – with the latter, they had great fun role-playing putting on their coats, bleating like goats, being in a storm in a boat and jumping like toads! We also revised the tricky words and high frequency words we have learned so far. The Year One children learned the alternative sounds for the graphemes ow (as in shadow), ie (igh as in pie and ee as in shriek), ea (as in head) and er (short as in letter and long as in stern) as well as the tricky words water, where, who, again, thought, through, work and mouse.

In Maths we learned addition facts by making number stories (how many different combinations make 7? e.g. 1+6, 2+5, 3+4). The children used dominoes, Numicon plates, multilink cubes and some children played the Eight and Snap! game (when their card adds with another child’s to make 8, they say “Snap!”). Please ask your child what is special about the opposite faces on a dice…

In English the children shared their half term news during circle time then wrote recounts. Then they went on to writing the start, middle and end of their own superhero stories, planned before half term. The children and staff were so proud, the stories were fabulous!

The highlight for us all was the Science morning where the children investigated which material would make the best superhero cape. We discussed all the materials we have been learning about and why most would not make good capes (please ask your child why wood, metal and glass would not!) then decided something light and bendy would be best. They predicted which material out of (light and bendy materials) paper, cotton and foil would make the best cape. The material needed to be strong (to not rip during battles), quiet (to not alert the baddies) and look cool. We tested the materials on these three variables outside, including with a baddie trying to rip their capes! We decided that cotton is the best out of the three. Phew, what an exciting experiment!


The chase ensues!

Ready to battle!

Ready to battle!

The baddie tries to rip the foil cape!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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