Acorn class

News from week beginning 6th February

What a busy week in Acorn Class!

In phonics, Reception children revised the sounds ee, or, ai and igh and all of the tricky words that they have been taught. In Year One, the children learnt the alternative spellings i (igh), o (oa),  g (j), u ((y)oo) as well as the tricky words little, one, do, when, what and out.

In Maths we continued our work on weight. We weighed shoes, classroom objects, Numicon plates and presents and focussed on using language such as heavier, lighter, heaviest, lightest and balanced.

In English the children planned a story based on the story-making story “The Three Superheroes” which they will write after half term.

The children also learnt about the climate near and far from the equator in Geography; used the iPads to take photos of materials like wood or metal outside and then added text and backgrounds using the Pic Collage app in Computing and visited the Church and Reverend Gilbert today in RE. We saw the font, vestry, gargoyles and music notation for the bell ringers and some children were even lucky enough to try on a robe!

Have a wonderful half term and see you a week on Monday.

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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