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News from week beginning 21st November

We have had such a busy week, your children will be sleeping well this weekend!

We continued with the lovely story of the Princess and the Pea by making Story Maps with the children drawing a picture for each different part of the story, in sequence. They came up with their own changes to the story – instead of the setting being a castle, we had a planet in space, instead of the witch and dwarf we had a grey wolf and a Daddy, instead of a pea underneath the mattresses, we had a piece of Lego! They loved being able to go crazy with their imaginations!

Reception children learned the sounds ee, or, igh and ai as well as the tricky word was. Year One children continued revising high frequency words, letter names, mnemonics, split digraphs (note how the a sound changes in tap when an e is added to the end to make tape), using the iPads to put words in the right order to make a real sentence.

In Maths we did some more Singapore Maths sessions – please ask your child to show you the actions for “part, part, whole”. The children came up with number stories and were able to make these into number sentences (3+4=7), verbally and written.

We made a huge bar graph to show which fruits were the children’s favourite – apples were a clear winner, almost coming off the top of the scale! We then made a fruit salad and the children loved the final part of the session, the munching of the delicious pineapple, grape, apple and banana fruit salad.

We read the first Christmas story and discussed how the characters were feeling. The children then cut and stuck the parts of the story in order. Speaking of which, the children are doing really well with learning the songs, their lines (Year One) and learning what they need to do and where they need to stand (Reception and Year One). Reception girls are going to be angels and Reception boys are market buyers – a letter will be going out next week to give suggestions for what the children could wear. They are so excited!

We look forward to seeing you at the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar information evening at 5-6pm on Tuesday (29th Nov) – please bring your children as we need them to demo some strategies to you!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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