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News from week beginning 31st October

We’ve had a great week!

The children were bursting to tell us their news from half term so we told each other about what we did then wrote recounts or drew pictures and wrote captions. We then excitedly looked at them under the visualiser.

We talked through the facts the children had found out about the wonderful Florence Nightingale.Thank you to the children (and parents!) who worked so hard over half term researching her. Their work is proudly displayed on the wall.

In phonics, Reception children learned the sounds j, v, w and x, revised the tricky words the, to go, no and I and the high frequency word and. Year One children revised words with consonant clusters (hand, gift, thirst) – making sure they read and write every sound they hear. They investigated the numbers of syllables in various animal names (ask your child which animal has 5 syllables!), revised tricky words and practised spelling their names out loud using letter names (not letter sounds).

In Maths we continued learning about 2D shapes, sorting them, playing the missing shape game and drawing pictures using only one shape – this is rather difficult, try it! We used mnemonics to help us remember the number of sides pentagons, hexagons and octagons have – namely holding a pen in our 5 fingers and thumbs, the x being in six and hexagon and octopuses having 8 tentacles.

A lovely parent came to Acorn to help us make Christmas decorations. We shall tell you no more to make it even more exciting when you buy your child’s amazing creations at the Christmas Fair (2nd Nov)!

We used musical instruments to explore some of the dynamics of music – some instruments made short sounds, high and low sounds, tinging sounds, thudding sounds, scraping sounds. After we’d finished the session, one of the children wanted to explore the sounds we could find around our classroom so the children went off and found some very different sounds by tapping on the window, twanging the painting dryer, tapping the metal radiator etc. This was a very exciting session, with staff needing to sit in a dark room soon after!

Have a super weekend

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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