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News from week beginning 17th October

This week we read the Julia Donaldson book, What the Ladybird Heard. The children enjoyed writing speech bubbles and drawing maps of the farm in the story and we talked about words that rhymed in the book and had great fun with animal noises!

In Maths we were learning about 2D shapes. We considered the properties of shapes, asking questions like: how many sides does it have? Does it have corners? Are the sides straight or curved? Are all of the sides the same length? We also painted ‘shape people’, designed shape pictures of giraffes and rockets and went for a shape hunt around the school taking photos of shapes that we found on the iPads. See which shapes you can spot in the environment around you when you are out and about during the half term holiday.

Yr R children learned h, b, f, l, ff and ll in phonics and the tricky words ‘no’ and ‘go’. Yr 1 children revised all of the Phase 4 sounds and tricky words and investigated compound words (words whose two parts are words in their own right e.g. farmyard).

In History we watched a video about Florence Nightingale in preparation for the half term homework that I sent home on Tuesday to research her life and work and today the Yr 1 children enjoyed the Eco Walk whilst the Yr R children had a lovely time in the park (please see the photo gallery below). The children have also been so fabulous this half term that they managed to fill up the piggy bank in the classroom with golden coins and had a special treat this afternoon as a reward… see if they can remember what it was to tell you!!

Have a wonderful and well deserved half term, I look forward to seeing all of the children bright and early a week on Monday 🙂

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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