beech class

What have we been up to this week?

This week, Beech Class children have been inspired by Autumn and the changes we can see in the natural world. We collected some beautiful examples of fallen leaves and did some careful observational sketches of them.  We transferred those sketches to a printing block and will use autumnal colours to print the images next week.  We also learnt about line, pattern, shape and space, some of the ‘elements’ of Art.  We looked at the ‘Zentangle’ technique which uses black shapes, lines and patterns and requires lots of concentration.  It’s quite hard to stop once you get started! Our amazing finished products are on display in the classroom for parents to view during next week’s parents’ evenings.

Continuing with the Autumn theme, Year 1 and 2 children in the class memorised a poem called Autumn Days and recited it to a large audience in parents’ assembly.  We investigated the different ways that the long e phoneme can be spelt and what homophones are.  We’ve also been working hard on our maths skills too, thinking of number sequences and adding numbers.

image  Here are the children demonstrating their ‘sound catchers’ in phonics.


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