beech class

What have we been up to this week?

Another very busy and productive week in Beech Class.  In English, we looked in more detail at the characters in Willy and Hugh and tried to describe them.  We also practised writing questions as well as statements and began to investigate using commas in lists.  In Maths, we have been comparing numbers and using different maths terms such as more than, greater than, less than, fewer than, equal and as many as.  Lots of children are also becoming confident with odd and even, thanks to our number of the day work.

In other subjects, we have used our senses to observe our beautiful grounds, and recorded the different trees by photographing them on the ipads and then creating a collage.  We also tried to identify them from their seeds and leaves, though this was quite difficult!  In Art, we made careful observational drawings of different tree seeds and compared them.

Enjoy a lovely weekend everyone!

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