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News from week beginning 14th March

We read the lovely, simple and beautifully illustrated Handa’s Surprise this week. The children loved acting it out, some being the cheeky animals who steal Handa’s fruit others being Handa and some Akeyo, her friend from a different village. They enjoyed discussing where the story is set, how life is different in Africa, the challenge of remembering which animal took which fruit and then retelling the story.

The Y1 children really focussed on common errors in their work, for example, forgetting to put full stops between sentences and not making their letter tails hang below the line (e.g. g, p, y) and after some practise, we can already see improvements! They went over nonsense words, used their phonics mats and wrote captions for their photos taken on the iPad, on the app Pic Collage. The Reception children continued on Phase 4 of the Letters and Sounds programme and they practised writing the zig zag family of letters (e.g. v, w, x and z) which they really concentrated hard doing again. The children wrote different sentences about Spring, they made their own phonics mats as well as trying to beat their personal best on the High Frequency Word 30 second challenge – they are getting even quicker at sight-reading these important words.

In Maths, we revised addition and subtraction, with some Reception children practising using their fingers, some Reception children being encouraged to count on and back using a number line instead of their fingers and the Year 1 children being encouraged to count on and count back in their heads, rather than using a number square! Maths Bingo on the iPads reinforced this for all children as well as a double-length Quick Maths session. Some Reception children are already racing through the cards to the next one, enthusiastically wanting to beat their own personal bests!

We read the Bible story that tells us why we celebrate Palm Sunday and we drew on our own palm leaves how we would prepare if Jesus was coming to our village. Some children would make special food, some would tidy the place up with a broom, some would even put signs up so he doesn’t get lost! Very practical and thoughtful!

Now the weather is becoming more Spring-like, the children are choosing to learn through play outside more. It is a lovely sight to see, the children making their own improvised musical instruments, using the giant Connect 4 and making up role play games and performances with their friends.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett :0)

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