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News from week beginning 22nd February

It was lovely to have the children back after half term, all refreshed and bursting with news! We told each other about our half term during circle time then wrote about it too. The children were then introduced to the VCOP superheroes (Violet Vocab, Captain Connective, Dr Punctuation and The Incredible Opener) who will help us throughout the school and beyond, to be fabulous writers. They remind us to: use amazing vocabulary; interesting connectives (words that connect sentences and ideas together such as and, but, however, then, so, because); use correct and informative punctuation, to help readers know exactly how to read our writing; use super openers to our sentences and stories (e.g. Once upon a time, one frosty morning). The children then up-levelled a simple and apparently “boring” sentence, using VCOP – they produced the best writing ever!

In phonics, the Y1 children continued on Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme, learning the alternative graphemes for the phoneme ‘ai’ (e.g. in ate, tail, say, eight, lady and prey) and ‘c’ (e.g. in cat, lick, kit, box, school, fox, queen). They revised the grapheme ‘ew’ and consonant cluster words. The Year 1 children also read through the 2nd lot of 100 hundred High Frequency Words and learned what singular and plural means, including the different types of plurals, for example, dogs and wishes. The Reception children continued on Phase 4, trying to hear then write words containing adjacent consonants and writing ever-lengthening sentences! We revised the handwriting families and they practised writing the curly caterpillar family which they really enjoyed. There were lots of concentration faces while doing this! They practised their alphabet rap, counting syllables in words and using the phonics mats. The highlight of phonics was the session watched by Mrs Brooking and most YR parents! They were so well behaved and tried their hardest to show off their reading and writing skills.

In PE, we watched, analysed then tried to re-create some African dancing – with all the hops, jumps, crouches and bottom wiggling, the children loved it! A real life police officer came in to teach us about keeping safe on the Internet, we were very well behaved!

In Maths we learned about odd and even numbers and halving shapes and objects such as toy pizzas and cakes from our Bakery role play area and sharing objects equally to see if that number is odd or even. The Year One children went on to quarter shapes and revise multiplication.

The highlight of the week was when we learned about the artist Jackson Pollock and the children had a ball recreating his art. They loved the paint drizzling, spraying and general splattering and even managed to get some paint on the paper!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett :0)

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