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News from week beginning 8th February

In Phonics, the Y1 children continued on Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme, learning the alternative pronunciations for the graphemes ‘a’ (e.g. the different ‘a’ pronunciations in splash, bacon, fast and want), ‘y’ (e.g. in yes, by, pyramid and happy), ‘ch’ (e.g. in church, school and chef) and ‘ou’ (e.g. in sound, you, could and mould). The Year 1 children also learned how to read the words ‘many’, ‘different’, ‘laughed’, ‘because’, ‘any’, ‘eyes’, ‘friends’, ‘please’ and ‘one’. The Reception children continued on Phase 4, trying to hear then write adjacent consonants (two children even wrote ‘chimpanzee’ independently!) and they further practised digraph and trigraph spotting with real words (finger, chair). They tested the speed of their sight reading of the High Frequency Words and are getting quicker and quicker according to the timer! The children also typed sentences in Pages on the iPads.

In History, we found out all about St Valentine and why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. In Literacy we read Guess How Much I Love You, the gorgeous book about parent and child love, then we brainstormed our ideas about all the things we love. We then wrote out a special something to go into a secret special something ready for Sunday…

In Maths we practised counting in 2s by pairing socks, the Year 1 children then went on to practise counting in 10s, sometimes starting at different numbers from 1. They used gloves to help them count in 5s. We also estimated groups of objects then counted them to see how close we were.

We read a story about Smartie the Penguin who told us very important information on how to keep safe on the Internet. We even learned a song to help us remember, the children were humming it for days!

We had two VIPs in Acorn this week. Reverend Anderson spoke to us about Jesus and his friends and what we can learn from Jesus about friendship. The children were full of questions for the Reverend! The second VIP was a kind parent who came in to talk about Chinese New Year. She told us all about the Chinese zodiac and that this year is the year of the monkey, she showed us a Chinese lantern, taught us how to say ‘Good Morning’ and the numbers 1-10 in Chinese. She even gave us each a fortune cookie, yum!

The highlight of the week was probably the pancake races, the children we’re excited all day and tried their hardest to run fast whilst tossing real pancakes. It was messy and brilliant!

We hope you have a fabulous half term and we look forward to seeing you and your lovely children on Monday 22nd Feb.

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett :0)

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