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News from week beginning 1st February

For our author study, we read lots of Mr Men and Little Miss books written and illustrated by Roger Hargreaves. We Googled him and learned all about him – ask your child how he came about creating his first character! We discussed and wrote about what we can learn from a couple of the stories and even thought about what we would be called and look like if WE were a Mr Men or Little Miss character.

We went 3D shape-crazy in Maths this week! As well as naming them and talking about their properties (curved circle faces, flat square faces), we did art with them and investigated which 3D shapes roll and/or slide down a ramp. We looked at lots of everyday 3D objects, they particularly liked the tiny Swizzels ‘Love Hearts’ pack as the cylinder, there was lots of licking of lips and hopeful faces!

In Phonics, the Y1 children continued on Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme, learning the alternative pronunciations for the graphemes ‘ow’ (e.g. in slow), ‘ie’ (e.g. in chief), ‘ea’ (e.g. in head) and ‘er’ (e.g. long er in germ rather than short er in letter). The Year One children also learned how to spell the words ‘water’, ‘where’, ‘who’, ‘again’, ‘thought’, ‘through’, ‘mouse’ and ‘work’. The Reception children continued on Phase 4, trying to hear then write adjacent consonants and they practised digraph and trigraph spotting with real words (lightning, armchair). They practised naming the letters of the alphabet, particularly slowing down and hearing each letter in the l, m, n, o, p bit of the alphabet song!

We had amazing fun in Geography this week! We looked at and used maps and keys then went on to create our own symbols for the Google map of Thornford. Then, in groups of 3, the children created junk models of the features in Thornford to go on the hall floor around the washing line road! There was the village shop/Post Office, the church, the river behind the church (complete with bridge), the school, village hall/playgroup and, of course, the village pub! The children were so proud and their negotiation and group skills were fabulous!

As if the week could get any better, the whole school had a live link to Tim Peake in the space station and the children were rolling around with laughter at Tim’s anti-gravity high jinks, including him doing slow forward rolls in the air, slowly spinning his microphone around in the air while he waited for the satellite-delayed questions to come through and the spheres of water from his water bottle floating around then being gulped down by Tim.

If you have any questions or concerns, please write in the Home Link Book, come to see us very briefly at 8:55am or at the end of school, straight after all the children have been safely sent to their parents or carers.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett :O)

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