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News from week beginning 18th January

In Literacy, we read lots of fabulous poems! We talked about which poems rhymed and which did not, what rhyming means and where in the word and the line of the poem the rhyming sound needs to be if we were to write a rhyming poem. And that we did! The children thought of rhyming words then, with support, wrote poems with those rhyming words in, decorated their work, practised reciting them to the class then, the finale was reading them to the parents at Parents’ Assembly!

In Maths, the children practised their number bonds and worked out missing number problems (e.g. 4+?=9). The children really enjoyed using numbered spinning tops, dominoes, egg boxes, multi link cubes, bead strings, pegs on coat hangers and the interactive TV to enhance their learning.

In Phonics, the Y1 children continued on Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme, the alternative spellings ‘oe ‘, ‘ey’ and ‘aw’ as well as the split vowel digraphs (add an e to the end of cap and hear what happens to the ‘a’ sound!). They also learned how to spell the words ‘there’, ‘were’, ‘come’ and ‘some’. The Reception children continued on Phase 4 trying to hear then write adjacent consonants (e.g. chimp) and they were set a challenge to find how many words they can make from only the letters s, o, p and t. Ask them which words they made with their magnetic letters! The children began to use mnemonics to help them remember how to spell some tricky words (e.g. Alligators Love Lollies for ‘all’, Ants Roll Eggs for ‘are’). They also learned to read the ‘tricky’ words ‘were’, ‘there’, ‘little’ and ‘one’, and used the ‘Jumbled Sentences’ iPad app.

Continuing with our Science topic, ‘Materials’, we discussed the properties of the materials, including questions such as why can’t a key be made from paper and has to be made from metal? Why does a towel have to made from fabric not wood? Why does a shopping bag have to be made of plastic, paper or fabric, not glass? They worked so well in groups and really thought hard about their reasons.

We talked about what ‘community’ means and thought about which groups we belong to (e.g. Acorn, swimming club, school choir) and also how belonging to groups makes us feel. We learned the song, Kumbaya, and even tried to sing this in rounds. We practised and practised in two halves and were so chuffed when at last, we were able to sing ‘against’ each other not form back into one! Well done Acorn!

Have a super weekend

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett :O)

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