Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and are full of energy for the Spring Term at Thornford School! Welcome back to all the children and staff. A special welcome to three new members of staff: Mrs. Elaine John, our new Administration Secretary; Mrs.Tara Butcher our new Teaching Assistant in Beech Class, as Mrs.Elaine Young has moved to Beech Class and to Laura Turnbull, who is our new Sports apprentice and  will be supporting curricular and extra-curricular PE at Thornford.

We are also promoting Growth Mindset learning this term, encouraging the children to try hard when facing a problem rather than giving up straight away. Parents can help this process by not praising their children for their intelligence: e.g. ‘Aren’t you clever!’ but by praising effort and hard work: ‘You tried really hard at that!’ This is because children soon learn that for parental approval it’s easier not to challenge themselves in case they fail. We want to promote the effort and hard work that will lead to them being successful lifelong learners. We will be holding a special parent information assembly about this later in the term on 18th March. If you would like more information, please view the video below.

Happy Learning!

Neela Brooking

P.S. If you hear your child say:”I can’t do that….” add “Yet!”


Carol Dweck- A study on Praise and Mindsets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWv1VdDeoRY


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