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News from week beginning 7th December

Here is this week’s news…

Sidney the snake has helped the Reception children learn the sounds ‘air’, ‘ur’ and ‘ear’. They have read the ‘tricky’ words ‘all’ and ‘are’. The Year 1 children have now started Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme, they looked at the alternative sounds ‘ay’, ‘ou’, ‘ea’ and the tricky words ‘oh, ‘people’ and ‘their’.

In Maths we looked at positional language, with one child directing another, whose hands were over their eyes, through bubble-wrap swamps with snapping crocodiles. They used language like ‘forward’, ‘backward’ and ‘left’ and ‘right’ turns. The children also enjoyed the cute coding robot ‘Beebot’ and they used the Beebot iPad app and directed the ‘bees’ to where they needed to go.

Is Beebot going to the volcano or the waterfall?

Is Beebot going to the volcano or the waterfall?

Watch out for the scary crocodile!

Watch out for the scary crocodile!

Acorn received a letter from Santa’s elves asking for our help in locating Santa as he had gone missing. We decided that posters would be a good way of alerting people and asking them to help us so we designed brightly coloured posters with a picture of Santa with clear, large writing telling whoever spots him to contact the elves. Amazingly, the very next day, we received an email from the elves saying someone had seen one of the posters and they had contacted the elves to say they had spotted him in Kenya!

In Geography we looked at an enormous map of the world, a globe and atlases to see different places around the world. We discussed the Equator and how climates vary in different areas (e.g. Kenya compared to the North Pole). We also came up with some fantastic mnemonics for remembering the order of the compass points, including Never Eat Soggy Wafers and Naughty Elephants Squirt Water!

If you have any questions or concerns, please write in the Home Link Book, come to see us very briefly at 8:55am or at the end of school, straight after all the children have been safely sent to their parents or carers.

Have a super weekend!

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett :0)

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