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News from week beginning 29th October 2018

We have had a super week!

In phonics the Reception children learned the new sounds j, v, w and x and revised the tricky words learned so far. The Year One children are now on Phase 4 of the Letters and Sounds programme and looked at cvcc and ccvc words (e.g. ‘sand’ and ‘trip’ respectively) and investigated syllables – can YOU think of an animal with 6 syllables? Our highest was ‘hippopotamus’ with 5!

In Maths the Reception children focussed on number recognition. The Year One children looked at number fact families (e.g. 7+2=9, 2+7=9, 9-2=7 and 9-7=2). Please see the main photo showing the Year One children telling addition and subtraction number stories about the apples to their talk partners. They then wrote them down in their number fact families!

We had a super time in our Science experiment – can you tell the flavour of a Jelly Tot blindfolded? We used the new term ‘prediction’ and talked about fair testing. The children were delighted when the adults were all blindfolded and tested too! This doubled-up as the children’s ‘Golden Coin’ treat as the children have already collected all the golden coins on the piggy bank – well done children!

The Year One children had some time in the ICT suite, learning how to turn the computer on and log in. The Reception children used coding robots, Beebot and Bluebot, to experiment with entering instructions to make them move where they wanted them to. The Reception children also used the Beebot app on the iPads.

In PE, the children had a halloween-themed dance session, copying a video of dancing (and smiling!) skeletons. We all had a fabulous time!

Enjoy your weekend

The Acorn Team


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