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News from week beginning 15th October

In the last week before half term in Acorn Class this week…


In phonics the Reception children learnt the tricky words no and go which we noticed rhyme. They also learnt the sounds h, b, f and ff and l and ll and we have had lots of practise segmenting and blending words which we are all becoming so much more confident with. In Year One the children learnt about compound words which are words whose two parts are words in their own right, for example hairbrush. They also revised all of the tricky words that they have learnt so far and all of the phase 4 digraphs and trigraphs.


In English we thought about the setting in ‘The Paper Dolls’ which is the little girls house. We drew pictures of our houses and bedrooms and then wrote about them. During Art we painted our own houses and then laid them along the floor in lines to make streets that we could walk down, describing what we could hear, touch, see and smell – we really got our imaginations going!


In Maths the Year One children continued to focus on subtraction. The methods that we used this week were subtracting using the part part whole diagrams that we have also been using for our addition work and subtracting by counting backwards on a number line. The Maths focus this week for the Reception children was touch counting and they took part in a variety of different activities to perfect this skill! We used an underwater counting game on the computers; counted the number of cubes in multilink cube towers and set touch counting challenges for our friends – all brilliant fun!


We hope you all have a wonderful, sunny half term and look forward to seeing you a week on Monday.


The Acorn Team 🙂



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