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News from week beginning 8th October

We’ve had a super week!

In phonics the Reception children learned the sounds ‘e’, ‘u’ and ‘r’ and the tricky words ‘to’ and ‘the’. The Year One children revised ‘air’, ‘ure’ and ‘er’ and the tricky words they have learned so far.

In English we read the lovely story Paper Dolls and the children made their own paper dolls using lolly sticks and collage materials (please look out for them proudly on display on the Parents’ Consultation evenings!) They wrote captions for their paper dolls and we created story maps to use next week.

In Maths the Year One children revised addition number stories and the new associated vocabulary (e.g. total) as well as using part-part-whole diagrams. Please ask them to tell you what they are and how they use them! The Year One children also started working on subtraction, specifically taking away by crossing out, and the new vocab (e.g. minus). The Reception children practised number recognition, experimenting with ‘one more’, counting two groups of objects altogether (early adding skills!) and they had their first introduction to part-part-whole diagrams.

The children loved World Mental Health Day and had some insightful comments about keeping themselves healthy physically and mentally (e.g. have a hug from someone, take deep breaths, eat an ice-cream!).

Have a super weekend

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