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What have we been learning this week?

We’ve had a great week of writing and performing this week in Beech.  On Monday, we composed our Harvest senses poem together, thinking of amazing adjectives to describe this time of the year.  We loved performing it for our friends and family in the church today and did a fantastic job. We’ve also done some great instructional writing, thinking about the steps needed when you brush your teeth.  We all aimed for gold medal work of the highest quality.  Our homework for this week is to test out our instructions at home and see how good they are.  To tie in with this, in science, we have been learning about the importance of hygiene, and also making sure we know the name of different parts of the body, especially those associated with the senses.  In maths, both year groups have been learning strategies to help with addition, and what the = sign actually means.

Our school grounds are looking so beautiful at the moment that we decided to go outside this afternoon and look at the colourful changing leaves.  This led to some fantastic art work.

Can you guess who this is?    IMG_5978

IMG_5974 IMG_5951 IMG_5953 IMG_5970

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