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News from week beginning 1st October

In phonics the YR children learned the new sounds ‘o’, ‘c’ and ‘k’ – the action and sound for ‘c’ and ‘k’ are the same but we describe them as ‘curly c’ and ‘kicking k’. The Year Ones continued to revise the phase 3 sounds from the Letters and Sounds programme, namely ‘ow’, ‘oi’ and ‘ear’. They also revised the tricky words was, they, all, are, my, he, she and me.

The children learned about harvest and the harvest festival and thought about which fruit and vegetables were their favourites. We hope you enjoyed the Little Brown Seeds poem at the Harvest Festival in church – they performed it so confidently and well. We were very proud!

In Maths, the Year One children were practising two different ways of adding – by counting on (holding the larger number in their head and counting on the smaller number) and adding by using a number line (starting at the larger number then jumping along the smaller number). They also looked at the fact that 7=3+4 is the same as the more common 3+4=7. They thought about missing number problems (e.g. 7=4+?). The Reception children matched objects to numbers, found totals of objects from two groups and practised their number formation.

The children made their junk models, after looking carefully at their design from last week. Next week they will be reviewing their creation – what they could improve next time.

In PE they (and we!) loved the new game ‘Messy Bedrooms’ – please ask them about it!

Have a lovely weekend

The Acorn Team

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