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What have we been doing this week?

It’s been another busy week in Beech Class.  We have continued to work on our rhyming skills and we investigated rhyming couplets, thinking about which words rhymed and the position of the word in the line.  We also noticed that rhyming word endings aren’t always spelt in the same way.   Some of us also managed to create our own rhyming couplets and share them with the class. In maths, the Year 1 proudly completed the first chapter in their wordbook, learning all about numbers to 10, comparing them using the appropriate language and finding 1 more and 1 less.  The Year 2 children have continued to work on the place value of 2 digit numbers and enjoyed using the tens and ones apparatus to help them split numbers in different ways.

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As part of our ‘Ourselves’ topic, we learnt about the ‘Eatwell’ plate and how much we should eat of different types of foods if we want to stay healthy.  We are going to be making a healthy tartlet in DT, using this information, which will help us practise preparing a variety of foods.  Look out for a note home today about the project.  This week’s homework is asking the children to investigate the labels on foods to see where they have come from.  We hope to build a map showing which areas of the world have grown our food.  Children are welcome to bring (empty and clean) packing into school as part of this.  As an extra challenge, they could also investigate how some popular and common foods are made, such as pasta.

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