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News from week beginning 17th September

This week Sidney the Snake has helped the Reception children learn the new sounds p, i and n. They also learned their first ‘tricky word’ (words that cannot be sounded out phonetically such as ‘was’, ‘the’ and ‘said’) which is ‘I’. They enjoyed singing the tricky finger song! The Year Ones continued revising the sounds they learned last year, namely ai, ee, igh, oa and two different ways of pronouncing the ‘oo’ digraph (as in ‘mood’ and ‘book’).

In Maths they continued recognising, writing, counting and ordering numbers – they loved using Numicon plates, ten frames (ice cube trays!), multilink cubes, Play Doh and conkers!

In English the children heard the story ‘Stickman’ and made their own stick people – which are proudly on display in the classroom! They learned about adjectives and rhyming words – the Year One children wrote their own wonderful mini poems.

They labelled the body, created a dance from Stickman in PE and had a fabulous visit from two people from Sherborne Library (see main photo). Please sign up at the library if you haven’t already – the children were so keen to explore all the exciting things the library has to offer!

Have a super weekend.

The Acorn Team

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